Easy Peasy

I think most of the population is not very creative. They lost all their creativity somewhere around Grade 3. That's why you get questions like what can I use this for and can I put cookies in this jar? Or if this is a coffee cup can I use if for water too?
If I were smart I probably should include a card telling people what they could use the tray for. Not sure I can find a piece of paper long enough. I think they work perfectly for bacon with a little side of hot sauce. I bet y'all were thinking sushi. They never cook sushi well enough for me.
I figure ya gotta make it simple for the simple. I put the little bowl on the tray with a piece of double sided tape so it doesn't slide around and tie with a piece of raffia. It's good to go as a hostess gift,
This is my first attempt at a title.


Dennis Allen said…
when people want a "chip 'n dip" I tell them to buy a baking dish, a cereal bowl and double faced tape.Works great, easier to store.and it's like 3 pots for the price of two.
Annied01 said…
I love it!! Beautiful and useful and easy to store!

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