Lately, I've let things slide!

I've been distracted this week. I've let things slide in the workshop. My focus has been on the man cave and changing my 1950's flowery kitchen into something that relates to the rest of The Cactus Lounge. Cupboards are all painted in distressed chalk paint

as is the wall. I still haven't decided on my tiles yet. I have them propped up thinking about them as a back splash. Now that Jan is over my pottery life starts up again so my days as Suzie Homemaker come to an end today.
I do have the odd woman potter stay over in the Rat's Nest. Just so they know they are safe I offer them the cast iron bra and bullet proof panties. I also hung a moon in the kitchen. And I finally got one of my favourite pieces of art up. This bird house I bought in Asheville, NC and it was by a Georgia fold artist. Last year when I was at Ronnie the Rat's we visited potter Nancy Green who has a superb home and there were birdhouses in her living room by the same dude. She even had a couple mounted on steel rods as sculpture in the living room. Nancy had the cement counter tops and such a spacious place to display art works. I also hung my chainsaw in the kitchen. A man never knows when he might be called upon to carve a turkey or roast of beef.


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