Audrey's Big Bush

I'm sending this out to my friends The Grasses.  Every time I phone there is some kinda jab about Victoria weather versus here at The Centre of the Universe in Ontario. Last week it was about the crocus and daffodils blooming  and Grass was tripping over the tulips coming up. It was -19 windy and snowy here so that was like a kick below the belt. Ouch!
Since  this is supposed to be a pottery blog I'll tie it in somehow. My daughter Robin sent me this card for Valentine's Day. When she bought it she told the storekeeper this was the perfect card for her Dad. He replied " You must have an interesting relationship with your father!" So here is the tie in- if you don't have a sense of humour you'll never survive in the pottery business. Sometimes it is just so depressing you got to laugh. Like when someone asks if you can drink water out of your coffee cups or when they ask if they get a discount for buying two, are you making any seconds next firing or what do you do other than your hobby. Y'all could add many, many juicey ones to the list I'm sure.
Hey, Robin I love the card. It's too good to put away. This ones getting framed for The Cactus Lounge.


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