Because me father did!

I mistakenly said that my cider vinegar was alkaline. It is acidic but when it comes to the PH in your body it is listed as alkaline.  Apple cider vinegar is the only vinegar that is alkaline-forming to the body. All other vinegars(white, balsamic, red wine,etc are acid forming. Lemons and limes are also listed as alkaline and you would think them very acidic.
It don’t matter apple cider and malt vinegar works for handle attachment and especially on the Devil’s toothpaste.  
I also use vinegar when I have made a slip or glaze too thin and want to thicken it. I add a few drops of vinegar and voila it's thicker. I use it to mix with soft clay to mend a crack in a green ware pot and ta-da it is mended 90% of the time.
I think it was Mick Casson that told me the story of visiting an old country potter in England and Mick asked him why he put 5 holes in the lid of the casserole. The old gent answered “ Because me father did!”
My Uncle Jimmie used cider vinegar for all the reasons I listed above for 47 years as a studio potter. I guess I do it because me uncle did.
I remember hearing a CBC radio interview with Dr. David Suzuki. He said as a kid he laid on the couch and wondered how a fly could be flying along and suddenly land on the ceiling upside down. I thought wow what a weirdo!!! Why wasn’t he cool like me and wondering about fast cars, motorcycles, nice clothes  and girls? I still wonder about the 5 holes in the casserole lid.

Making sushi trays tonight. I’ll show you the process tomorrow. I wonder if I’ll sleep wondering about the 5 holes- hmmmmm!


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