I love her meat!

Today I was listening to some tunes and preparing my world famous Springwater Packers chicken wings when the door bell rang. It was Nancy from Springwater Packers with a Valentine's gift for me. A lovely bottle of wine and 4 sirloin tip steaks.  I love the the meat of Don and Nancy Caverly at Springwater Packers because it is real. I shop there and they shop here.
Nancy asked me to make some herb pots for her niece that was getting married. She told me their names and wrote them on a piece of paper. Well, I'm a man and didn't look at the paper relying on my good memory. I made the dozen pots and proudly delivered them with the wrong names on them. How could this happen? I made them again and delivered them in exchange for their meat. "Her meat" sounds better as a title but it is the meat of Don and Nancy.When ya treat people right they treat you right.Win, win!!!!!!
It was a good day for me. I got an early Valentines Day present, I got an invite to the Akar Yunomi Show and get this a personal invitation to Dwight Holland's house for dinner in NC to see his collection of over 3000 pots. I am indeed the richest man in the room tonight!


dan finnegan said…
Dwight just bought two of my pots last week-end! Tell him I said hello!
smartcat said…
Good things come to those who give! Trite but true.
Sounds like NC is going to be great! Hope to make it someday!

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