Learning how to fly!

My buddy Steve the Potter took me up in his little Cessna yesterday to fly over Pinecroft and then out to the shoreline of Lake Erie. Do you know what potters do when they are not making pots? They think about making pots! The texture and pattern possibilities of the landscape below when flying just above a flock of Canada geese are endless. I saw the ice patterns of the ice breakup on the big lake and all I could see were beautiful crystals in my glaze. I now want a white glaze with large ice patch crystals. I want a green to replicate the ice on the pond at Pinecroft.
This is all possible if you take the time to test. Grass has been a very bad influence.

To work at a professional level in this bizz I believe your mind has to be on it all times. You will see possibilities in manhole covers, fences, brooms, and everywhere your eyes land.  Walking thru the forest and seeing it from 2000 ft gives you a totally different perspective. I think our purpose in this life is
learning how to fly. 


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