My father whispered

I have plenty to do before heading off to see my friends in North Carolina. I can't seem to relax so I made 30 cups and a couple of big 28lb man rolls. I went down to the workshop this morning and looked at the cups and thought dang it I have to fill in the crotch of the handles. Nobody will care if I do but me. I like them to look as beefy at the termination of the handle as the beginning.  Then I heard my Dad whisper in my ear from a long, long time ago- it's what you do when you don't have to that makes all the difference. He still haunts me some 35 years later. This is such sound advice in so so many ways. Friendships, relationships, business and of course your pots. I believe it the details we attend to that separate the professionals from the beginners. Speaking of professionals I just got word that two of my woodies from the mentorship have scored at the NCECA Cone Box Show. Teresa Dunlop won Juror's Award and Annemarie Row- Purchase Award. Yeah,  Team Canada! Congratulations ladies ya done us proud. Some pretty tough critics of your work- Garth Clark and Greg Daley. Fight big fighter, fight!


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