What came first?

What came first beer or wine? Hah, you thought I was going to go the boring route of the chicken or the egg. In my blog post yesterday my friend Stef mentioned that she had always seen the Niagara Escarpment referenced in my work. This begged the question by me.  Do you create the work and then look for something to reference or do see the reference and then make the work??? In the case of my friend Grass Hopper I would say he saw the reference and created the work. Surrounding yourself with blossoms could do that to you. I’m a late bloomer and am only now getting interested in creating a garden in my backyard.  I always liked motorcycles more than flowers. Now I live in the sandy flatlands of tobacco country where there is a scarcity of rocks. I now want a rock garden. Ya sure now that I live far from rocks that is what I want.  I love rocks, mosses, ferns, grasses and gnarly trees like Uncle Harry Lauder’s walking stick. A friend is going to help me this spring. She is already making drawings of what she is proposing. What a concept! A sketch before you make something. Who’d a thunk it?
Each Saturday night I phone the Grasses- Grass and The Grass Keeper to talk glazes. This week I didn'

t have anything to show them. I will later this week. I have found that the recipes they suggested didn’t pop on my high iron clay. I am throwing that nasty white stuff today to make some test tiles to show via Skype in Grassland.


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