Squandering your reputation

I’ve been in the Akar Yunomi Show for quite a number of years. I was getting worried when I hadn’t been invited until January. I always thought I got an invite earlier. I haven’t been good at documenting my work but I was able to find a couple of periods in my yunomi  flirtation. I like to change it up every year. It’s the fear of success syndrome since my cups are usually gone in the first hour.  I remember there was a bit of an uproar from someone that my yunomi’s had handles and that wasn’t a true yunomi. They are not handles they are signatures. I put this heavy slip on some I made yesterday and went out to play with my man machine to digest what to do next with them. Would the slip suffice or would I put handles on them?  After blowing the driveway with my trusty Honda the answer was clear. Put handles on them for heavens sakes. People like their work signed. It took me a long time to acquire this bad reputation of putting handles on everything. I could squander my reputation in a heart beat if I’m not careful.

If you try to teach a fish to climb a tree it will spend the rest of it’s life thinking it is stupid.  Oh you’re not allowed to say stupid anymore. You will spend the rest of your life being minimally exceptional. If they keep inviting me I just might get the definition of a yunomi right yet.  I hope not!


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