Sticking your neck out!

Behold the turtle
He makes progress
Only when he sticks his neck out. – James Bryant Conant

I’ve been home bound for all of 2016. That’s a long time for me to be home. So instead of doing what I know I’m playing with this devil’s toothpaste. Figuring on a higher shrinkage rate I made these yunomi’s which look rather large so I’m excited to trim them tomorrow and make them into my bacon holders. Geez knowing this high maintenance material I’ll probably have to slip and score too. The great lengths I will go to for this craft. Being that I am throwing and trimming the porcelain paper thin I hope my addition of a half dozen or so handles over top doesn’t warp them. Ah , if it does I’ll just call it wabbi sabi. I’ve always been good at the Art of Imperfection- take my lime, avocado chicken soup of tonight. Glad I didn’t invite company over.
Reading a good book entitled “ I’d Rather Be in the Studio” by Alyson B. Stanfield. The title comes from artists proclaiming their distaste for promotion of their work and that they would rather make art in the studio. There are still some that believe if you build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door. How come I’ve never been that lucky?
So here is my closing thought

If you don’t stick your neck out and get on with your dreams somebody else will hire you to build theirs.


gz said…
a great and inspiring post...and very true.

love the description of "devil's toothpaste" can't muck about with it, sending it one way then sulks!

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