Mr. Prick ly

As promised here are some pics of the wood fire show Hours and Ours at the Carnegie Gallery.
Thank you all for coming out and for your support otherwise. The show is open till Feb 28th. The gang presented me with this cactus “Mr. Prick ly” for my Cactus Lounge. Not sure if they were inferring that I am a prick or not. I love Mr. Prick ly. When I got home I hydrated him and me as we were both in need.
Lots of people are afraid of the critical process. I think when it works best is when the table gets turned on you and you become your own  best/worst
Mr. Prick ly
critic. This is especially important when you are part of a group that is going present a show to a full house of potters and collectors. Ya can shit the fans but ya can’t shit the players! Nobody wants to be the weakest link.  Nobody wants to be the turd in the punchbowl. No resting on past laurels. You enter into a mentorship because you want to change up your work so what ya did yesterday ain’t gonna cut it.
So I’d like to introduce you to the first graduating class of Firebox U.
Barb Rose

The photos of Richard Row documenting our voyage.

Annemarie Row

Jen Drysdale
Emma Smith
Duncan Aird
Teresa Dunlop
Chris de Takascy


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