So where's the easy part?

So ya made the 30 odd slab plates and that was easy. So they all have to have a little thrown sauce bowl to go with them. So ya made the trays one evening and ya throw the little bowls one morning along with a few cups and wait till tomorrow to trim all the little bowls. You all know the rest of the process - the bisque, the waxing and yada da yada! If ya pick something up ya gotta put something down. You decide to make tray sets you ain't making a piece for the upcoming Potter's Biennial Show.  So that's a choice you make.
On my drive to give a talk to the Brantford Potters Guild about our mentorship I was wondering  choice or by chance. Has my life been more shaped by my brilliant choices or dumb luck chance.
 I came to the conclusion that chance has won over almost always.


Dennis Allen said…
I've generally found that the harder I work the better luck I have.
Anonymous said…
I used to work with a guy whose favorite saying was "I'd rather be lucky than smart. " p

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