Change of Hearts

Happy Valentines Day everyone. I hope you have a special day full of love. My Sunday ritual is to go to Clark’s Restaurant for my heart attack on a plate. I used to go to Johnny’s across the street but Johnny and Mrs. Johnny retired after being in the restaurant business since 1951. The new owner served deep fried potatoes and I like real home fries. So I changed hearts and went across the street to Clark’s. These are people that work hard. Restaurant opens at 6am for us early risers and then closes at 9pm. The Clark’s  like Johnny I believe are Greek not Clarks. 
I took my Valentine Jack with me in my back pack. The waitress thought it strange when I pulled him out so he could enjoy breakfast. I’m at an age were I don’t care if they think I’m strange. 

I was doing something special for someone in my life. Contacted my kids first thing and I felt Jack needed to join me on this special day. I hope you will all do something special today even it is just for yourself. Self love is something I’m learning about. It’s buying yourself flowers not waiting for someone else to buy them. It’s putting on your pink t-shirt this morning because it’s Valentine’s Day and real men can wear pink. It’s planning a special supper for yourself because you deserve it. So I have some Nova Scotia big scallops, some fresh pasta, and a bottle of beer 10.3% IPA artisan beer called The Strong Man. I have a flowering plant and I’ll light a candle and crank up Lying in Bed Just Like Brian Wilson Did by the Barenaked Ladies. 


Dennis Allen said…
Hope Jack enjoyed his outing. Back when I was teaching, I took a trip to the Niagara area and bought a Moose puppet to bring back to school. I used him as a topper for my hiking staff and took pictures of him visiting various sights. Talk about a conversation starter !I had people coming up to meet him every day.
smartcat said…
Looks like Jack enjoys riding in the car!
Yes! A bit of self-love celebration is good for life!

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