For Better or Worse

I’ve seen them draggin’ their tired and sorry arses home to bed after a long shift stoking only be on again in 4 hours. I’ve seen them with tears in their eyes. I’ve seen then giddy with delight. I’ve seen them bundled up surrounded by 4 feet of snow in January and stripped down sweaty and smelly in the scorching 90degree heat of August.  I’ve seen them dead serious and determined. I’ve seen them chilled out at the numerous pot lucks where we have had the good fortune to
share food, drink and friendship.

So if you can possibly come to The Carnegie Gallery in Dundas tomorrow night come and see them at their best. I bet they actually clean up pretty nice. Pressure makes diamonds. Come to our diamond mine.
Also see the narrative of this voyage presented in the photographs of Richard Row. 


Anonymous said…
Well said, dad! What a great show - incredibly talented potters who brought their A game.

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