A heavy heart

This past weekends wood firing dealt me a blow right from the get go. As most wood firers these days we are in constant contact with our I-phones. I opened Instagram to see this wonderful picture of Cary Hulin and his life long partner Elaine sitting in the beautiful anagama they had built and just fired off for the Thanksgiving weekend. Then I read that Elaine had passed unexpectedly at the end of their sale and time with family.
I can't find the words to express my sorrow. I never have been able. I'll just wear it on my heart.
Having a  coffee this morning in a Hulin wood fired cup decorated by Elaine. It's a great cup of coffee and I sense the love this morning.
I  met Cary some 30 years ago when he was apprenticing with Todd Piker. Thankfully the internet has maintained our friendship and connection to one another. I'll see ya in April, Cary.
I know the Amish community that you live in will prop you up as best they can. Be of good courage, my friend. Love, Tony


gz said…
A sad passing, but happy they had a firing, a sale and family time first
Anonymous said…
Very sad. I met CH in those days, lots of water under that Cornwall Bridge . . .
smartcat said…
So very sorry for your loss, Tony.
Nice article as well as whole site.Thanks for sharing.
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Voce Nolan said…

Victims of cryptocurrency scams often face significant challenges when attempting to recover their lost assets. Traditional recovery options, such as legal recourse or reporting to authorities, are often hampered by jurisdictional issues and the anonymous nature of cryptocurrency transactions. 

As a result, many victims find themselves at a loss with little hope of retrieving their stolen funds. In response to this growing problem, specialized services like  OMEGA CRYPTO RECOVERY SPECIALIST have emerged to provide tailored solutions for recovering stolen cryptocurrencies. These services leverage advanced technology and expertise in blockchain analysis to trace and recover lost funds for their clients.

OMEGA CRYPTO RECOVERY SPECIALIST stands out as a beacon of hope for victims of cryptocurrency scams, offering a range of services to assist in the recovery of stolen digital assets.

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