Chameleon Show

I gotta make room to move on. I have pots that date back to my last year at Sheridan where I salt glazed a few pots. I have a couple of really nice ones. I have pots where I used my Uncle Jimmie's half apple moulds to make little individual sculptures. I have boats, birds, squirrels, pots where I used a broken hack saw blade to decorate. my beginnings with crack, blue and gold shinos, thick slip, impressed forms, bird houses, slip cast vases . All good pots that need to find a home other than mine. They are tired of talking to me.
There is a common thread to the pots but for all I have tried in the past 5 years you would think there were 5 separate potters working here. I find something, make it work and then move on. I just purchased Eric Duponts "Songs for a cold heart". I wonder if it's trying to tell me something?
I am having a one day sale of the old stock. My new work of slip cast porcelain and my bird houses will not be on sale. They are represented by some fine craft galleries in the province and I will not undercut them. If in a few year they haven't sold the work then that is a sign they need to be sold so that Tony can be his usual chameleon.
If ya need a couple of reasons to come next Saturday other than my pots.
Emma Smith is having her sale in Jerseyville an hour away.
Crazy Danny is in Harrietsville where you can pick up some great metal folk art. Be prepared to be scared of his appearance.
Good Hope Farms- The Amish grocery store for some awesome real food.
Book lunch at The Green Frog Tearoom ) . The food and atmosphere is awesome.
Lots of pots here. Love to see y'all.
 Thanks for all your support of my work over the years that has allowed me to grow and change.
I am blessed to have y'all in my life.
Hugs, T
I got that catchy slogan from my buddy Dennis. I acclaimed myself !
half apple mould of Uncle Jimmie's - little sculptures

Bird houses from a bird's brain.

Sculptures from a 5 day anagama firing we did during the wood fire mentorship

Last winter with Dan at Starworks in NC.

The beginnings of crack and big knobs.

Hacksaw blade decoration 


Gail G said…
You know, I’d love to come to your area next Saturday, but it is quite the hike from Indianapolis. Travel isn’t in the cards at the moment. Pick out one of those hacksaw blade-decorated ones for me, and email me a price w/shipping to 46227. Thanks, Darlin’.

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