Adjusting my meds

I came down with a bit of the flu last week. It started out like a bit of food poisoning but then ended up with aches, pains, sweats and then the chills. Nothing that 24 hours in bed didn't cure. I figured I'd go check out the local Chinese pharmacy for a cure to cleanse my system. After visiting there I immediately felt better. Here is the lady behind the counter with drawers and drawers of weird and wonderful things. Here is my classmate Bang Men holding up some kind of lizard that is to be boiled in water and then you drink the tea. I didn't dare ask what the elk toes were for.
I decided I'd drop by my favourite fruit stand instead. A bag of 4 Mandarin oranges and a bunch of bananas- 5 Yuan (65 cents) is my health kit. I'm addicted to the oranges and usually eat 4 a day.


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