Handling my gin

Well, I got my thrill of a lifetime. I got to put the handles on some of the pots of the Chinese equivalent of my early potter hero -Issac Button. Mr. Jin was on cruise control and spent a lot of time teaching his technique to all that showed an interest. What you're looking at is a few hours of his shuffling around the glaze bucket slash wheel that he hand built his wonderful coil pots on.
I got to put two handles on a jar that we named Little Fong because it resembled the shape of the gate keepers son. Mr. Jin then asked me to put 3 handles on the other jar. This one is a killer jar. He dubbed me King Handle. That's an easy title to earn since this is not a nation of handle makers.
John made some lids and additions. He made a lid with large coil handle and a lid with a huge knob that were proportionate to the scale of the pots. Mr. Jin enjoyed all this fussing over his work. He did make covers for the pots but they weren't really lids per say. He said that they were just to keep the mouse out of the rice.


John said…
Y'all are always 2 steps ahead. The pots by Mr. Jin look like my latest body of work. The double gourd that you two are posing next two seems to be one of my favorite shapes to make. It is interesting to note how well your handles complement non tense form and a rouletted surface. Are you hiding the finished work on purpose?

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