China Dolls

The kids here don't wear diapers. Pants just have a slit in the back and when they have to go they just do it on the street. If you see a puddle of water on the sidewalk it hasn't been caused by a sudden sun shower. The tread on my Crocs are plum wore out and I took a slide in a puddle last night. I don't think I'll be picking up any clothes for my grand daughter Ava this trip.
This young guy is hanging a mouse right on the street in front of food alley. While walking down an alley I came across the egg lady and the balloon lady having a chat about how business was today. I splurged a big 39cents and bought a young girl a balloon. Her parents were very excited and appreciative.
Dad teaches his son the art of pot selling. They are surrounded by pots all their lives and selling them is an art they must learn early.
The last photo is mom and the kids going Sunday shopping. Check out the kid riding side saddle! I have seen as many as 6 people on a scooter.
At home Ava's car seat had to be installed and inspected at the fire dept. No safety rules here!


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