That's the brakes

We went to get some decals and tools today with 6 foot 5 inch Zack from Oklahoma. Zack is here for a year teaching English at Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute. He is of Scottish African American decent so with his Afro hair he really turns heads on the streets. The women in the decal factory had a great laugh.
Here is a wagon load of ashtrays being pulled down mainstreet. See the rubber tire hanging at the back- that's the brakes. If he gets in trouble going down hill he just sets the load down on the rubber tire to help hold it from sliding down hill.
Kiln shelves anyone! There are dozens of store fronts that just sell kiln shelves and posts.
Most of the pool tables are out on the street where life goes on around the game.
Here is a wagon load of stuff to be packed up on this truck. You can see some big vases at the back of the truck. How anything will survive this truck ride is beyond me.
The last pic is the Zack Attack of the woman supervisor at the decal factory. They got a big laugh out of his hair and Atom Ant glasses.


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