Apartment Living

There are a number of apartments springing up to accommodate all the rural people moving into the city. Since washers and dryers are not commonly in use the clothes are hung on the balconies and electrical wires to dry in the sun. What mental midget would choose the second floor of an apartment building to be a big vase maker. Carry the clay up the stairs and carry the thrown pots down for firing. These big pots are on the balcony drying. A card games goes on out in the street- hey it beats sitting in the apartment besides someone is throwing pots in there.
Here is a shot of Bobby and Danny's room just down the hall from me. They have been partying for a week and have had precious little time to clean up. I think they'll sleep for 2 weeks without waking when they return to America. Ah, to be young again!!!


Cynthia said…
Someone gave me a link to your blog and I've enjoyed reading pages and pages of your clay and life experiences in China.

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