Right up my alley

Here are some images from our favourite alley- food alley. There is no way to capture the sounds and smells of this wonderful people place. Here is one of the hobo furnaces that they use to cook the wonderful meals on. They are fired with coal briquettes that are being delivered here by the coal monger. I thought I bought a dirty Chinese Harley but I love the years of grease and grim on these two beauty Chinese Hogs. I lust after these bikes. There is some sugar cane leaning up against them that is for sale. Here is the just in time inventory standing close by in case of a run on the sugar candy of the common folk.
Check out this water basket. Gee, I wonder if ya just see a clay one being made by yours truly??? Tom W- Is that referencing work or just down right stealing?


Clay Coyote said…
It's gotta be referencing if you make it yours. Otherwise none o us could pot..."every shape that's going to be thrown has been?"...

I'd really like to see what you do with the concept of the waer jar....Have been on the raod a coouple of days...in Austin right now, was so damn close to San Antonio I could breathe it today.

Denise said…

I had a teacher in college who said great artists don't create, they steal. I hope to see the pot when you've made it. I'm willing to bet it'll be fabulous.


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