Life's Treasures

I loved these hand carved windows so much I bought 6. How the heck am I going to get them home??? Here is a pic of my bamboo slab cutter and my Chinese sneakers- I'm such a fashion plate!! This is my 800 year old Song Dynasty bowl that I dickered with the vendor to get it down from 500 Yuan to 100 Yuan. The crowd was in a roar as I kept repeating in Chinese- Too Mother $#@^%(@ Expensive!!! Hey, they were all good ole boys and I was in a pissing contest! We all laughed and had a whale of a time. He probably got the last laugh as he knew it was made yesterday by his buddy that will make 100 more just like it tomorrow.
Here is my new trimming tool made from a bicycle spoke. The spoke is heated and the thing is beaten to a flat surface, sharpened and then bent. It trims like a dream and is razor sharp. They waste nothing here in China.
I do love my Chinese Caddy and wish I could take it home. Check out the drum brakes. Way more coooooool than riding a silly $5000 carbon fibre yuppie beamer bike. I get a nod and a smile from the locals that ride bikes just like it.


Ann said…
I'm so glad you are taking the time to share your China trip on the blog! Husband and I took a standard tourist trip to China in '97 and loved seeing everything, but of course couldn't see the nitty gritty as you are. Bet you do feel torn between wanting to absorb every last bit you can in the remaining time, and missing being home. This trip will take a long time for you to process, I think. Enjoy the rest, Ann Brink in Lompoc CA
Vicki Hardin said…
Tony! I love those carved windows too! Hope you can make it home with them. Vicki Hardin

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