Chinese Wood Prep

I've been rather consumed with getting this reduction cool wood firing going this week. We got 5 pick up loads of pine for the firing delivered in these cute little trucks that carry more than twice their weight. There is not an axe to be begged, borrowed or stolen anywhere in sight so we have reverted to a dull electric chain saw and a skill saw. The only other tools you really need in China are a hammer and a screw driver. That's the only two tools our bike shop repairman owns.
Check out the safety equipment not used for cutting the wood- no ear, eye, hand, leg, or feet protection. The Chinese used the chain saw as if it were a hand saw and moved it back and forth.
Here is Trevor at the wood kiln. In front of the wood kiln is our hobo cook stove that we filled with wood to keep us warm at night. The ladies from the kitchen also brought out yams for us to cook in the embers.


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