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These four young kids show up at the studio every Saturday to say hello in English. They love to say hello and look inside at the Wild People from Borneo. I thought the peace symbol was rather appropriate.
I took a couple of pics of Bong's sculpture that he made from saggar clay and draped over asbestos roofing to get the corrugated look. I think they are really awesome pieces.
I am back at porcelain making some cups and using some of the decals I picked up. The Chinese characters read "Made in Jingdezhen". I'm calling these cups a conflict between pretty and down right nasty.


Beryl said…
Hi Tony:
Congrats on your award last night, Sheila read your comments verbatum ;-)

jordan said…
tony, these cups are beautiful!
i've looked through your blog and all the work is so new and exciting-- but more importantly they are still distinctly a 'tony'. they are authentic.
so happy to see you immersed in your work and enjoying the culture over there.
keep making and posting!

-'black dog' in halifax.

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