Beer Bottle Mashing

Last night we had a Thanksgiving in China the best we could prepare American style. Since mi fan (rice) is served with every meal including breaky we thought we all missed our staple of good ole potatoes. First of all butter is no where to be found but John did find some Nestle's cream and we added chives, and garlic. Since necessity is the mother of invention we had to use a beer bottle for a potato masher.
Trevor loves these hand forged knives and the cutting board is made of hundreds of pieces of bamboo so he chopped the garlic and chives. Here is Perry mashing the pototoes with the beer bottle masher. It had been a long time since Alix had eaten pototoes so she opted to lick the bottle clean. Alix is the youngest on the trip and stepped up and took charge of the dinner. She was going to make apple pie but there is no oven available so she woked the apples in brown sugar and they were a delicous treat. Here is our table complete with fruit, a green salad, seeds, nuts, mashed potatoes, green beans, duck and beer and wine to wash it all down. It was a great feast with some fantastic fire crackers afterward.
You know you've been away too long when the highlight of a Thanksgiving meal is the mashed potatoes. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!


"A [person] cannot be too serious about [their] eating, for food is the force that binds society together."

Around December 22 is dongzhi or "Chinese Thanksgiving"
Kim from Kansas said…
Enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing!

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