Street kids

Today on my walk I thought I'd focus on the kids of the street. The first kid is grabbing lunch while tending his parents pot shop. Check out those large plates- hand thrown!
Always a sucker for a cute girl I bought this one a balloon. Her parents were very kind to me while I negotiated my first teapot. I bought a teapot much like the Yixing style ones I've been trying and will show it to you later. It's brown which is my favourite colour. Some say brown is just a rainbow thrown in a blender.
Like most potters life and work are all in one. This young guy isn't going to ballet classes, swimming lessons, French immersion or learning to skate. He's learning the street where he will likely live his life.
I always amazed at how kids just hang on to the bikes, motorcycles and trucks that they get transported on.
This post wouldn't be complete without a pic of Mr. Noodles youngest daughter. I include this pic for my friends Ron and Hester Meyers. Hester sent over a book for me to deliver to her. She is one smart little cookie.



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