Bu Yao

Today I wandered down an alley that went on and on from the train station all the way to Wally World. It was a maze of thousands of little shops selling fake antiques. Yep, this where they make antiques over night. You think you are looking at something old but the shop owners are busy with bowls of dies,acids, and dirt making the new pots look old. From my point of view who cares if you like the pot buy it. They do a great job of museum de-restoration. When I went to take a photo most snapped Bu Yao (No!) or put their hands over the lense. This father and daughter team had no shame and when I asked if I could take a picture they said "OK!". With their permission I took the photo. They had concoctions of purple, yellow, brown and notice the rubber gloves. I wonder if the pots are food safe. I thought I'd beat Monona R to the punch with that question.


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