Another Drop of Gin

Well, we can't get enough of Mr. Jin and word has it he is staying with us another day. Here is a picture of his entire tool kit minus a big flat rib. The anvils are made of clay and hammers of wood. Notice the edge on the one hammer for paddling near the foot of the pot. Whodda thunk it? Mr. Jin demonstrates and has us practice on a plastic pail. John Neely leading by example tries his hand at it. Here is Mr. Jin's reaction to the biggest guy on campus making his first pass at coiling a plastic pail. The last shot is Mr. Jin shuffling around the water jar to smooth out a rim with his cloth chamois. He will finish paddling near the top of the jar tomorrow morning when it is cheese hard. Sheila please send money, you know I'd love this pot!
We loaded and started the wood kiln at the end of the day and where do you think Mr.Jin sat down. He sat by the firebox! Where else would a man that has fired thousands upon thousands of wood fired pots sit at the end of a day. I went to buy him a beer and we sat and enjoyed a camaraderie that needs no language.


Clay Coyote said…
Sure would look like the way to do that water bucket you showed a few ago....then cut it apart and stick it together with gnar gnar.

Get back to work and quit screwing with the computer.

PS....WHAT AWARD!!!!!!Am I going to have to go ask Sheila???

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