Where I work!

Here are few pics of the studio where I work. I'd first like to show you some thrown lids. I still don't know why they leave so much clay to be trimmed away for a knob. But check out these beautifully trimmed lids on the large ginger jars. Every pot is a perfect match and this is all done by eyeballing it.
The studio is large spacious and has lots of light by day to work. Every student has shelving, a wheel, a table and all the clay you can ask for. right now I'm like a kid in a candy store- what will I eat next- porcelain, Yixing red clay, Tain Bao stoneware, or saggar clay?
Here is some work of Li Chao who is very talented artist and the head cook and bottle washer here at JCI studios. He arranges our tours, teaches, produces art, translates, social convener and all round jack of all trades. He produces these large sculptures that have a look a like face of his own. He has had them glazed in solid colours before our arrival but seems to be off on another path. I like the new path he has chosen.


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