Qing Hua Performance Artist

Qing Hua Capital of China- Blue and White. Our Young Danny Crump has been planning his performance art piece for months now. He made a bunch of hand built highly decorated plum vases to take to the Shard Market to sell to the locals. The shard market is really a black market of fakes and real antiques. How to tell the fakes from the real ones is any ones guess. Danny has practiced his Carnie spiel in Chinese. He has hand printed some business cards and is going to start the bidding on his vases at 1000 Yuan ($130) and dicker with anyone that shows some interest. The market is from 6:30 to 8:30 probably before the cops get up, as if they don't know it exists. I'm going to buy a packet of smokes to hand out to customers and plan to offer him 500 Yuan just to see the reaction of the merchants. If the gang doesn't kill him it ought to be a good laugh. Email him and tell him you'd have paid 5 times the asking price! wristrubber@hotmail.com


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