10 lessons from a maker

Be narrow!. It's much better to mean a great deal to a few people than to be nothing to a huge amount of people
.  10 lessons from  a maker. This article is fantastic! He says so much better than what I have been trying to say about making cups for a small audience. If you need denim jeans there are plenty to be had. If you need  a hand made cup there are plenty to be had. I now want a pair of those jeans although they have a ticket price of $140 pounds UK. I love the idea of not washing them for 6 months and then recording what you do in them. A high tech approach to wearing in a pair of jeans.

My friend Vicki Hamilton sent this on to me as food for thought. It is a wonderful read of how a guy has turned around a jean company by providing the best quality denim jeans in the world. I am now on my 3rd time re-reading this article. Thanx Vicki!


Dennis Allen said…
Yup, he covers it pretty well. Thanks for sharing this.
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Brenda Neall said…
Yes!!! ... You found and shared a gem, Tony. Thx!
Anonymous said…
Not just for makers - business 101-201 & 301 all rolled into a one article - good one Tony!
Chris d T

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