One of the best lines I heard from a student at the crits  at Sheridan this past fall was " Well, it was supposed to turn out better!" Me being the smart ass asked "Oh how much better?  If it was supposed to 20% better maybe this C Grade should become a B or if it is supposed to be 30% better then hell how about an "A" Grade?
I'm as guilty as the student for setting myself to expect something better. Often times we think we can do so much more than we can actually do or that the pots from this kiln will be blessed by a harem of kiln goddesses. I guess if everything turned out better than expected we would give up. Pottery is one mistress that sure does keep a guy humble.
They say  a musician is a person that takes $5000 worth of equipment in a $500 car to a gig 100 miles away to earn $50. I'm gonna let Dennis write what a potter is.
Here is a pic of the shino teapots I made to describe volume on my blog. The rich persimmon colour is a local clay slip under the shino. I'm sure I can better!

Here is a song I think Steve Earle wrote for me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ituFNPXAaE8


Dennis Allen said…
How about a potter spends $400 to sit in the sun for two days and sell 10 $50 pots that cost him $200 to make.Then he drives home and exclaims " Honey, I made $500 ! "
smokieclennell said…
Hey Dennis You are the best come back man in town bar none. I'm going to use that one. t

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