The Man's a Chick Magnet

In another life I was a high school teacher in a small town on the Bruce Peninsula. One of my former students Heidi Zach tracked me down further south at my then studio on the Niagara Peninsula and asked me to make a dinnerware set of 12 of everything. The beauty of the commission was to make them however I wanted- all different. God, I taught some clever people. Heidi's dinnerware set was coloured slips under a carbon trap shino glaze. For a tip I got a kiss from a great looking woman.
I would take my class to visit Heidi's grandpa's house/castle on the shores of Colpoy's Bay. Almost every square inch of his house was hand carved with old medieval scenes. He was an amazingly talented

man. The apple did not fall from the tree. Heidi is going to do the photography of my racers  from here on in. It's amazing almost 30 years later to have a adult woman call you Mr. Clennell.


Dennis Allen said…
No Joke Tony. That plate is gorgeous.
Anonymous said…
dennis agreed, beautiful, mr clennell, sirl!

plate, too.


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