Drop in's and hang overs!

Last night I was writing up a weekend course I want to offer this March at Pinecroft on the making of teapots. Teapots are the hardest vessel a potter is called upon to make. It's gotta look good and it does have to function unless of course it is capital "A" art.  If it is Art you can make it and fill it with wax so that know one will ever know if the spout pours or not.
I was thinking of the different lids I have made. I used to make a lot of hang overs but I have lately done exclusively drop ins.  The drop in's are complete with the knob right from  the wheel. I do trim a foot on the drop in but it really isn't necessary. Time today for a hang over! Thrown upside down you need to trim and add a knob or strap handle. Actually if the lid is small enough you don't need the appendages.
I have done cap lids and also enclosed the globe form of the teapot and cut a lid out. Here is a pic of a nice little Yixing teapot with a cut out lid.
I've always thought as I get older the time for big pots may come to an end but the teapot could keep me quite happy for many sunset years. 


Brenda Neall said…
Ha!ha! love the lid names. I call mine innies and outies.

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