The naked ladies downstairs.


Here is the wall of shame I walk by going to my bedroom above Ronnie’s studio.

 There will be U of G students firing the Ratagama at night. I hope I can get some sleep with all the naked women and creatures partying below me in the studio.  Last time I was there Ronnie had some figures of naked women with bottles of bourbon littering their feet and their arms wrapped around the devil.  Maybe if I play Charlie Daniels Band “The Devil went down to Georgia” they’ll think that he is I and venture upstairs. I'll be sleeping in my new white lab jacket that my health professional Doc Agel precribed as a fashion statement that women can't resist.  Naw, I’m no  angel. Ronnie told me on the phone tonight he is waiting for his guardian angel.


Anonymous said…
Tony- naked pictures of women on the way to your bedroom, does Shelia know? Beryl :-)
carter gillies said…
Welcome back to Athens! I just got some info on your workshop scheduled for the 11th and 12th from the folks over at the University. Prepare to be descended upon if I can wrangle enough of my students those days! I'll see if I can get by Ron and Hester's in the next few days. Its great to have you back!

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