Getting more from your deordorant!

Well I took the top off my new stick of Tom's Natural deodorant and used it as a press mold to put little do dads on my teapot handles. I coated the plastic mold with coconut oil so the clay would release.   I use coconut oil  for damn near everything including my unruly hair. No jokes please!

Doc would approve of it's use for cooking. I loved the comment Dennis made on the previous post " You may not live longer but you will feel like you have!" I laughed out loud and then thought I wonder what he meant? I will live to the same age only it will feel longer because I am so bloody miserable or I will i feel like it  was longer because I am the picture of health.


Dennis Allen said…
Great idea for handles that don't stink.
Unknown said…
If you give up sex, drugs, and alcohol you'll live to be 100 but it'll seem like 200.

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