Squatters and hoarders

I walked past this Smart car today and couldn't believe my eyes. The crap and corruption packed into this car was unbelievable. Why would a person buy a dumb car like this to fill with crap. Hell buy a square box Volvo wagon that can actually carry something. If a car is any indication of a persons home I don't want to go there. I walked home and made some squatty lidded pots to make into one person teapots. I have no idea why seeing this tiny car full of crap prompted me to make these little teapots. They say the mind works in mysterious ways. My mind is probably the inside of that car all full of useless crap. I can remember old pizza joints phone #'s but I can't remember my social insurance # that I have had all my working life. If I am told I am to remember something- I just can't!


Ben Richardson said…
Looking forward to seeing the "smart" handles on these Tony.

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