The Devil Went Down To Georgia

It's a free two day workshop presented by the University of Georgia Clay Club.
Hope to see some of my favourite potters there. I'm going down to help Ronnie the Rat fire his Ratagama along with Steve Driver, Judith Duff, some U of G students and other potters from the hood.  Hey Carter lets get together for a coffee and some pot talk. I can't get enough pot philosophy. Speaking of pot philosophy Robin "Grass" Hopper just sent me a CD entitled "Glorious Mud" with some great footage of Micheal Cardew pontificating pottery philosophy. It's wonderful!  I'll bring it! Spread the word to the gang.  I've heard from Jeff, Wade and Doc who I hope to see. I love Athens, Georgia. I'd move there if they'd have me.


Jeff Abney said…
Looking forward to it, Tony! I'm quite sure Athens would have you, but you'd have to adjust to a slightly more humid climate. Summers in Georgia can be pretty brutal. :)
carter gillies said…
I'll be there with bells on! Looking forward to it too! I'll do my best to spread the word. Hope I can also hang out when you guys are firing Ron's kiln.

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