The Thirsty Cactus

One of my favourite ceramic haunts has had funding cut because of lack of contemporary ceramic discourse. What the hell is that? Last night after the AGM of the Hamilton Potters Guild a handful of us went to The Thirsty Cactus to clink glasses. In all my years of involvement in ceramic education and the mud pits I find that most often the best discourse happens after hours over a liquid of some kind or other. Coffee, tea, beer, hard liquour, water just name your poison and gather round a table of people passionate about the future of clay and that is contemporary ceramic discourse. We do of course need to have someone at the table to represent the past, some that are dealing with the present and some young gaffers that will be our future. To get with the new I'm considering sleeping with my I-phone under my pillow. Whatever I need to do to keep on truckin'!


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