Firing some handles

I made some handles to hang some teapots on. I think Dan Finnegan was present in my workshop as he made me put little eyes on the back of one of my handle columns

which made it look like a gargoyle or some kind of weird animal. Dan beats me hands down in that arm wrestle.  If ya think I started making really ugly knobs that is just a piece of clay supporting the arch of the handle. I put them together pretty soft so I had to offer some support. I troweled on some thick slip that I had hanging around. This was a slip my student Jordan Scott made for me 70% ball clay and 30% molochite. He used  25 mesh molochite so it is rather nasty for brushing but you can trowel it on with your hand up to an inch thick and it doesn't crack.  


Sandefur said…
I really like the teapots. Looking forward to seeing them finished.
John Bauman said…
As a practical concern, you're going to end up with some happy tea drinkers. Aside from the stunningly beautiful teapot forms you've created, I doubt I'm the only one whose ever notice that, though it might appear counter-intuitive, a substantial handle makes the pot attached to it seem ultra light.

Nice pots.

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