Old habits die hard!

It's Sunday morning and I like to treat myself to bacon,eggs and pancakes liberally sprinkled with my real salt from a mine in Utah. See all those little iron specks. It's gotta be good for me! Went for my physical this week and Doc violated me. I told him we need to be going steady for him to do that to me. He gave me a Gold Star since my weight is down but blood pressure is high. Cut down on salt even the great Utah stuff were his orders. So this morning I got out my Ronnie the Rat pig plate and ate my rabbit food. Damn Sunday is $5 wings and pints at Beasley's Pub down the road from me. Damn, I gotta pass on that too! Is this being healthy all it's cracked up to be?

Live longer in misery!


Cyndi said…
It just takes a while to get used to. :)
Togeika said…
Tony, not everybody is "salt sensitive." And even if you are, it might simply mean that you need to get more potassium (spinach, broccoli, bananas,and most types of beans.) Experiment!

gz said…
try reading this- makes sense to us...long live real food and exercise!!
Dennis Allen said…
You may not live longer but it will seem like you did.
Anonymous said…
bro check into the dash diet:


Dan Finnegan said…
I, too, was violated last week...on my birthday!

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