A Moat

 If you see a pot and it ain't got no handle on it then it ain't mine!. I learned my English real good! I slipped the apple dishes and looked at the bowls with the split rim and thought hey they ain't mine they got no handles. So I of course added some.
Have I at another time mentioned that the split rim was originally used to be filled with some kind of vegetable or olive oil to prevent critters from crawling into your food?  Being a saver of spiders and all insects I figure the poor little buggers need to eat too so I give the rim a pinch to form a bridge over the moat. Oh gee the handle is like the Peace Bridge between Buffalo NY  and Fort Erie, Canada.
It is wickedly cold here and I don't really feel like making pots. January is my most unproductive month of the year.


DropStitchChris said…
Looks like you're pretty productive to me Tony!! You've done a hell of a lot more than I have…well…I have knitted a hat and a pair of mitts and started a scarf….
Stay warm :)
Dan Finnegan said…
I left one big lidded pot unhandled today and I could here your disapproval all the way here in Virginia! It took great discipline to resist!

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