Giving yourself permission

The kitchen is getting a fresh paint job and I had to take some jugs down off the cupboards. This is one of the first "expensive" pots I ever bought almost 40 years ago. I think it cost me almost $100 which at the time was a good chunk of chump change.  It was at a time when I thought thin walls, lightweight pots were what we all aspired to make. What made me buy this pot by Alberta potter Neil Liske? This was about clay and showing off the directness  of the potters use of the material. Of course the handles were something I immediately gravitated to. They are as good to look at today as they were for me the young  potter over 3 decades ago. I think at the time I loved iron spots too since I was firing oxidation and wanted to fire reduction just so I could have spots in the clay. Now I try not to have them. Another thing I remember thinking was this was just a plain white glaze and no decoration. I thought decoration was something you had to do. In the wise words of John Neely at USU- "No decoration is a form of decoration". I am pleased I still own this pot. I never met this potter and wonder if he and I are cut from the same cloth.


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