Peonies, Whoopies and New Age Sensitive Guys

I just did this foot ring which I call a peony foot. I have no idea what a peony even looks like. All flowers to me are tulips. Even roses and carnations that I know are tulips. It just makes it easier for me. Von Allen showed a beautiful big red flower painting the other day on FB that I liked very much  and I was going to comment " Nice tulip!" but I thought she might be insulted. I later found out it was a poppy.
I like to put a whoppie in the inside of a bowl and then do the same when I trim a foot.  I slow the wheel down to the speed of Atlanta traffic with 2 inches of snow to get a nice slow gesture in the clay.
All potters are supposed to be gardeners and great cooks. Not me!  I don't wear Birkenstocks either. They don't work so well with motorcycles or chainsaws. I do know the names of bikes and saws though. Loud bikes and saws may be the reason for my selective hard hearing. I should have learned to love peonies.


Vicki Hamilton said…
Love the whoopies, T. Say, that clay looks a little on the pale side.....porcelain? Say it isn't so!
Anonymous said…
pretty frilly for a man?



or just showing off


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