Yeah me!

Hey thanx Dennis for letting me know that I was an award winner blogs-2013.  Placing #7 is alright by me. I just do this thing as a diary and probably it is more therapy than anything. I was a Marketing Correspondent for Kodak Canada Ltd when I was in university and it helped me to write short and to the point.
I am so glad Carter Gilles got #1 as I am looking forward to seeing him in Athens next month. He is a purist of the best kind.
So Dennis ya get to share this award with me as I seem to be your set up man for your killer come backs. See what ya can do with this. I saw my first porno movie yesterday. God, I looked younger then.


Dennis Allen said…
Tony some things are just so complete that you can't add anything to them.
carter gillies said…
Thanks for the kind words Tony! I'm glad you will be back in Athens next month. I'll look forward to catching up with you then!



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