Changin' it up!

After 35 years of trying to make decent pulled handles I thought I'd change it up for 2014. Most people make a pot and then put a handle on it. I ain't that kind of maker. I press molded these handles and now I'm going to make some cups to go along with them. It took me two hours to make a half dozen so once again this is no big money proposition. Gee who was it that wished me a prosperous New Year? I haven't learned a thing!  I'm going to have to sleep on this one as the wabi sabi loosey goosey cups with a formal Stoke on Trent tea cup handle on it may be too much of a opposites attract kinda thing.  I think more along the lines of "likes like likes". I may use parts of them. Hey Dan Finnigan help me will ya?
Got some good news for Feb. The devil is going down to Georgia to help Ronnie the Rat Meyers fire his Ratagama and then do a workshop at U of Georgia- Athens. Usually some of the good ole Georgia boys show up. At Ronnie's Steve Driver and Judith Duff will be there to toss sticks.  Like to see Carter Gilles and Geoff Pickett again and of course my buddy Doc Agel. What is a trip to Georgia without a health lecture from Doc?
Hey here is Doc and his idea of good health- sweet potato fries and bone marrow. That bowl is actually a bone- woof, woof!
He claims bone marrow is the essence of life. Well the pint helped wash it all down. 


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