Peebaskets, Bacon holders and mousetraps

Dennis Allen

Note fromRobin "Grass" Hopper
Hi Dr T.,

When you first showed the image of the thrown and pinched bowls I thought they looked like the rare object made for ladies of the French Court in the late 18th Century called a BORDELOU. ( There is a nice little Sevres made one at the Gardiner) It seems that the religious meetings of the Catholic faith went on for hours at the time. The ladies, who didn't wear underwear at that time, commissioned small, gravyboat sized urine containers in the shape of those bowls of yours. They were slipped under the dress as needed during the sermon. They had a handle at one end.  You have wrecked them for this use since the large handle you used crosses the vagina instead of being in line with it.
The word Bordelou is often shortened to an English colloquial word "the LOO". I thought you might like to know another use for your PEEBASKETS.

Best, Grass

Dennis Allen gets the Bronze Medal for his post about my baskets being bacon holders.  He knows the way to a real mans heart.  He went directly to the arteries of my heart. Check out his blog on uses of a bowl. The bowl as a mouse catcher had me just about spit my morning Jo all over the keyboard. This was the Silver Medal winner and just about knocked Grass off the Gold podium.
My horoscope told me today that I will meet in the next few months people that will love me for who I am. Any woman out there not wearing underwear willing to try one of my peebaskets? Try it!


Dennis Allen said…
There is no shame in coming in second to Robin Hopper. Thanks for the award. I'll put it in my Artist Statement.
Dan Finnegan said…
Thinking of the effects of your double handles on a ladies parts....pottery pornography.
Unknown said…
You boys just don't have enough to do. But you're funny.

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