Choose Interesting!

This t-shirt was given to me by my daughter Robin’s boss Lisa. She got it at Toronto’s Pride Parade. I love this slogan “Choose Interesting”. It says so much about life and yes the person wearing the T. Thanx Lisa!  I have lived an interesting life and have surrounded myself with interesting people, interesting objects and interesting times. Sorry no room or interest in the uninteresting.  They say you can judge a person by their library. I say you can judge a person by their walls and cupboards. Fill your space with interesting objects.  So next time you have to pick a shirt, a jacket, a pair of glasses, a hat, a piece of art or craft, a career, a partner- choose interesting!!! It will never be the safe choice but it will be the interesting one. May you live in interesting times.


Vicki Hamilton said…
Yes. Be interested.....and choose interesting. One without the other sometimes leaves me with the blahs.
Annied01 said…
I know what you mean,... and I agree but sometimes interesting can be used to mean meh... if folks look at some (usually modern) art and say its interesting they are sometimes IMO being polite and saying they don't really like/understand it.,.. I think I choose different ...different makes for variety and variety is the spice of life... interesting and different is the best combo for me... it reminds me of a short I once saw that said: "you laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're all the same"

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