Woke up in the Lost and Found

I was taking

some pots into a gallery in Dundas Valley today. I was driving along the foot of the Niagara Escarpment which has been present in almost all of my life. It is rugged and beautiful.  I felt a connection to the landscape like I have never before. There were the rock and ice ledges that are so prominent in my work of now.  It seems for the past decade I was lost to Graduate school and then the dismantling of my studio with wood and gas kiln only to find myself an urban cowboy without my own pony to ride. Riding borrowed horses that don’t know their way to your home is not recommended by me.

So today as I was driving my work into the gallery and then more to be shipped to the North Carolina Potters Conference I felt a rush of pleasure that finally my functional work had been found again and reclaimed by me. Looking yesterday at the yunomi’s of almost a decade ago and the ones I made that day I could see the connection.  Work with an edge or maybe it is a rock ledge. If you think it is easy to be so casual in the making of pots think again. There is a distinguishable line between sloppy and casual.  Being casual requires being at home with yourself. I’m back at home in The Cactus Lounge and at home with my work.  Tomorrow is Saturday my favourite making day. Jack is comfortable in the yellow chair, the tunes in the workshop will be blaring on my new Bose Wi-fi speaker, a ton of clay begging to be worked with and then a Valentine’s steak for me on the grill. Sweet dreams for me tonight!


Ross Munro said…
Wonderful - they look fossilized or petrified - but fresh as a daisy! Lovely!
Anonymous said…
What's the quickest way out of the lost and found,
when you feel that you've lost your way?

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